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Nothin' too special here :U I share whatever drawing I feel like sharing, even if it's crap.

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"I like what I like, and that's that!" warned: Lots of cuteness, men, and colorful things! EVEN FAN ART, AHH!!


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I'm kind of a slow artist, so you probably won't see much art from me for a while.

I'm pretty active on tumblr though, so you may want to check that out in the link below!
Holy crap, I've been in this fandom for five years! And since I've been a member of dA for 10 years, that means half my dA life has been dedicated to pony? It also means that my enthusiasm for drawing has been declining for over 5 years? yeesh.

May as well tell the story about how I got into MLP!

So I have always been a fan of Craig McCracken. Not obsessed or anything, but The Powerpuff Girls were a big part of my childhood (and he worked on other stuff that I liked) so when I found out he had a dA account, of course I followed him.

Through him, I discovered his wife Lauren Faust had a dA account too! I checked out her gallery, fell in love with her art style, (Have you seen how cool Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls look? They look fantastic!) and found out that she worked on Foster's home for Imaginary friends (along with Cats Don't Dance). TL;DR- I became a fan of her too!

Anyway, I noticed she had a bunch of techni-colored, deer-like creatures in her art Gallery. Apparently it was MLP fan art! Pictures of Twilight, Posey, Surprise, Applejack, Sparkler, and Fire Fly were all there. (I wish I had downloaded them in full when I had the chance!) I wasn't really a fan of the original MLP, (I was a 90's kid so MLP had sorta begun to fall by the wayside along with other stuff from the 80's that just didn't hold up as well in terms of merchandising) but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a "horsie" phase of my own at one point or another. Anyway, the art was cute, but I didn't think much beyond that and eventually forgot all about it.

Time passed, (I think almost a year? Maybe longer?) and Lauren announced that she was officially brought on to work on a new MLP cartoon for little girls! I was super happy for her, and was intirgued as to what a MLP reboot might look like. (Again, I had forgotten about those earilier illustrations). That's when I discovered "MLP G3.5", so I thought to myself " this it? It's...cute I..guess..?"

Even though G3.5 was made by a completely different team of artists, it kinda lowered my expectations in terms of what could be done for a modern MLP cartoon.

However my spirits began to rise a bit when Lauren posted images from this big Toy Fair thing. They had prototypes for a new line of Pony Toys (the G4 ones you know today) and there were a few 2D promo-images of some of the mane 6 standing in static side-view poses. The designs were extremely cute! But with how static they looked, and since they were going to be animated in Flash, I sorta had mixed feelings. "Hopefully optimistic" is one way to put it, but at the same time I felt the need to go into it with low expectations.

Once Hasbro started putting out more teasers, I got more excited for the show, but I was still a little weary. However one interesting thing (aside from flash games, and quick "meet the ponies!" videos) was that there were also controversial articles being written about the show. Everything from "the age of creator-driven shows is dead!" to "this show is racist, sexist, and smart-shaming!" was being said about the show. It started creating quite a buzz even before FiM aired! (Though I do know Faust wrote a lovely rebuttal to that last article. In case you haven't noticed, I've been too lazy to post links to any of these things, so I won't start now)

Anyway, most of you know how this goes. One YouTube link later, and I was instantly hooked on the first MLP episode. I know a lot of people don't like the Nightmare Moon stuff, but honestly? It gave me such a "magical" vibe, and there were some corny villainy with a real sense of danger. (Night time forever = DEATH TO ALL LIVING THINGS) so like...I honestly thought it was really good! Plus the background designs were just genuinely impressive to me, and the thought of a pessimistic horse as the protagonist made me giggle. (Though Twilight has changed a lot since then, haha).

Anyway that's my story! Even if 0 people read this, it felt good to get that all out there :)

Here's to another 5 years of small horses! (Maybe)


Thinking about leaving some dA groups that are inactive, but it's hard to tell what stuff is active or not. Definitely some old RP stuff for sure.

I still love rping, but some groups either never got off the ground or just kinda died off over time.
Oh wait I now know what Status Updates are. I didn't realize that dA kind of has a news feed now? So it's kind of like facebook or tumblr? That's pretty neat I guess but I don't know if I have the energy to scroll through it very far.
I didn't know you could post status updates. But who all checks them exactly?

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