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Nothin' too special here :U I share whatever drawing I feel like sharing, even if it's crap.

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"I like what I like, and that's that!" warned: Lots of cuteness, men, and colorful things! EVEN FAN ART, AHH!!


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I'm kind of a slow artist, so you probably won't see much art from me for a while.

I'm pretty active on tumblr though, so you may want to check that out in the link below!
Though I haven't been as active for maybe the last 2 years or so, I still think 10 years on this site is something worth celebrating. It's like, every year I ended up doing something different, y'know? So lets have a look back starting from the beginning:

2005: Found out about this site through my dear friend :iconmenefer:. Before dA, the only way I was able to share my art was by uploading it to Photobucket, posting it on Gaia Online, or uploading it to MSN groups. Basically it was a messy ordeal and it made my art much more scattered on the net. Thanks to dA, I was able to have my work all in one place, and anybody who might be interested in it could find it much more easily :)

2006: Began learning the in's and out's of Photoshop a little more, though I dabbled a little bit into it the previous year. I think I also started taking art in high school, but it was either that year or the following year. If you're wondering why so much of my art from this year is scarce, it's because from the year 2005-2007 a lot of my art heavily referenced anime poses to the point that the original sources would have been obvious to spot. (popular BL manga, Chobits, etc) 

2007: I grew more confident with my cel-shading style so I began collabing with a friend of mine (whose current account I can't find :( ) basically I would color their awesome line art!! But looking back, the color choices were pretty bright, kinda painful = w =; (I drew some stuff on my own but my style would change constantly!) I know I definitely started taking art class this year at least.

2008: I tried to learn how to soft-shade. It didn't go very well. But I was also getting more involved with art-related stuff in school, so that was pretty cool!

2009: Still painfully bright colors, but it was a big year for art. I got my own tablet, Joined the State-tan project, and I was fresh out of high school (it was also the year my family took me to the fair for the first time in my life lol) so I was full of inspiration and had a bunch of time to dedicate to drawing. (I even managed to convince a group to buy me a dA subscription, as they specialize in that kind of thing)

2010: The year I began taking Sketch requests. I haven't really done any sense then, but it put me under a lot of stress and I wasn't even satisfied with the results, so that's probably why I don't really do them anymore. (But maybe some day!) I also drew a cute bunny in a dress and was surprised by the amount of feedback that I got for it! Did more hetalia/STP stuff too! Even had a few successful attempts with soft-shading. It only took me two years to learn! (ugh) Oh and I discovered DoInk which was a site that let me do silly little animated doodles~

2011: I suddenly got really good at imitating Himaruya's style;;; though I had been working on it for the past year or two so that's probably why. I also made my first piece of "troll" art as a promotion for a friend's dA group, (It must have worked because it got a bunch of notes on tumblr!) and I actually began to upload pony art as well! I even tried to run a Prince Blueblood RP blog, which was sort of my introduction to tumblr outside of just a bunch of my friends joining the site haha;;;

2012: Ponies, State-tans, basically whatever I felt like posting, but I only uploaded something to my gallery every few months. A lot of my stuff ends up in my scrap book. Oh! I also ran a short-lived Florida-tan RP blog. I had fun but I honestly think my version of Florida is pretty awful. It was rushed from the start and I strayed too far from what I originally invisioned. Plus I ended up liking other people's versions way more than my own.

2013: Since I was a fan of :icondigibro:'s blog posts, and ever since they started producing videos on youtube, I began to do the pony art for their channel. Aside from that I would doodle here and there, but a lot of it went to my scraps or as an unfinished photoshop/sai file and never saw the light of day.

2014: Began working with :icontechno-shock: on a similar project. I was sort of forced into it at first, and while that project has yet to see the light of day, I at least made a friend a pretty cool friend out of it. Again most stuff is unfinished like 2013.

2015: Kind of in an art slump tbh. Oh! But I started my own art blog on tumblr. Still working on the thing from 2014 though. A lot of unfinished things too

I'll probably reflect on my artistic decline later on, because this is already getting too long. But hey maybe I'll stick around for more years to come :)


Oh wait I now know what Status Updates are. I didn't realize that dA kind of has a news feed now? So it's kind of like facebook or tumblr? That's pretty neat I guess but I don't know if I have the energy to scroll through it very far.
I didn't know you could post status updates. But who all checks them exactly?

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